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Comment: At this point I'm just hoping to make the down payment on a mortgage loan. Good start though!.


I've updated bits on the main page that weren't accurate, since I don't want people donating because they think that we're in the dire straits that we were over a year ago. I've gotten a better-paying job that lets me afford to support my disabled wife sufficiently, and we've purchased our first house just off of Kent Island. We were barely able to get into it with an interest-only loan, due to the swelling real estate bubble in the area, but it's meant to be an investment and will be re-sold once we are prepared to move forward with our plans for our Hobbit Hole. Thanks to everyone who has emailed in information for me to add to this page, and I'll try to keep doing updates as my busy job schedule allows!



If you've visited this site a number of times, you can probably tell that I've restored it back to a much older version. We had a wiki up for quite some time, but spammers eventually created so many accounts and began changing links to go to their own pages, and it's just not worth it for me to continually repair their damage. They can go terrorize other sites now, because I've decided this site won't work as a user-editable site since I can't police it and don't want users to have to police it for me. Shame on you spammers. Baaaaad spammers, no clickies!


Our site's Day 4 had about 2500 visits, but Day 5, yesterday, had more like 22,500 visits! Friends are definitely telling friends, so keep up the good work! I updated the 'Donate' link to say 'Donate $5' to make it clear that we're not asking much, and every little bit helps! Thanks to Ben for the suggestion! I've added a new question about materials in the More Info & Links section, since many have asked and it's a good question! We also received our first true hate mail, so now we *know* we're official! To that special individual, I'd just like to say that our love life is fine and thanks for asking! Now could that boy's mother *please* monitor his internet usage from now on? :)



We've got a link from! Plenty more feedback, mostly positive! As for the negative feedback - if you don't believe in a project, then go about your normal surfing and forget that others are excited about it and enjoying it. Many people have voiced their love of this project, so we are convinced that its success will benefit many more people than just ourselves! We're thinking about offering tours once a month, so perhaps the tourism department of Queen Anne's County, Md would be interested in funding us as well and we can share the fun of the finished project! :)



Today we have been linked from, and a number of other livejournals and hobbit-related sites! Traffic has more than doubled, and we have received our first donations! Thanks to Kira and to Liz Haaheim! Thanks to everyone else for your feedback and interest in this project! You'll notice I moved the progress bar to the top of this page so it's faster for everyone to check. Updating as often as I can and trying to respond to every email personally, but I'll likely soon fall behind! Our hits: Day 1: 11, Day 2: 53, Day 3: 197, Day 4: 2518!!!



We've got links on a number of messageboards and related sites and are still working on increasing our hits. Thanks for the input we've already gotten from a few of you! At this point it's important to get the word out and try to make this project happen through publicity. Please donate for free just by telling your friends if you think they'd be interested! Thanks!



I simplified a few of our previous sketches into a final sketch on paper, then created a simple concept sketch and converted it to gif format. Sorry if it's not detailed enough, but I was aiming for fast load times in the event of high traffic to the site. You can find it on the More Info & Links page here.



I have spoken with my wife and we are certain we can do this. My father-in-law would like to be our architect, and we will be discussing ideas with him over our Christmas visit to Massachusetts. I'm just creating the site now, designed to be as small as possible. Once completed, I will try to get posted on and a few other sites. Hopefully my webhosting company can survive it and stay up.



Alright, you've convinced me. How do I contribute?

Paypal is the easiest way for most of you who are online reading this. If you don't want to do it through paypal, then just send an email to [email protected] indicating your interest in sending a check to us, and perhaps we'll setup a PO Box, depending on the number who wish to go that route. If Paypal is good for you, then click the spiffy little button below.



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I believe the single picture is public domain. If it's not, let us know. It is a lovely picture, though.