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Current Project stage: Obtain financing and purchase an investment home in which to live for 2 years.

While our main goal, to build a Hobbit Hole has never changed, our steps to getting there have changed quite a bit. Our financial situation is beginning to improve and it looks as though we'll be able to afford a house to use as an investment for the next 2 years. We'll update the list below from time to time as things progress.

  • The initial project idea was spawned in a late-night discussion about noise.
  • The initial project website was put online; a few pages of text and a picture.
  • Our link was submitted to a few news sites.
  • We registered approximately 23,000 visits in a single day after many links.
  • Our financial situation (and my job) began to improve.
  • We decided to find a way to purchase a house as an investment to build equity.
  • We began house-shopping and crunching numbers, considering keeping a tenant.
  • Relations were developed with other sites to help maintain publicity.
  • Implemented Wiki Interface and uploaded new site design
  • Obtain financing and purchase an investment home in which to live for 2 years. (completed 6/24/05)

  • Obtain land for the site of the Hobbit Hole.

  • Finalize the design for the Hobbit Hole.
  • Obtain financing for the Hobbit Hole construction.
  • Sell the investment home and use the equity towards construction.
  • Move into the Hobbit Hole and finish decorating.
  • Begin giving tours of the Hobbit Hole to aid in mortgage payments.
  • Open 1-2 bedrooms up to the public and run a Bed & Breakfast to aid further.
  • Write a book about our experiences to help pay off the mortgage.

To be continued...

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