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Alternative building techniques

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We haven't had time to transfer all of our content here yet, but feel free to edit it on your own! This page should contain links to online resources for various alternative building techniques. For links to companies selling information on these techniques, try the Alternative Building Companies page.

Monolithic Domes

The Monolithic Dome Institute (

Earth-Sheltered Construction and Earth-Bermed Construction

Malcolm Wells - an architect of underground homes (

Earth Shelters.Com - lots of information here (

Cob Construction

The Sustainable Building SourceBook (

Palo Santo Designs - Build a Natural Home (

The Cob Builders Handbook (

Living Roofs (

Green Roofs 101 - Basic Description (

ArchiBio - More info on Living Roofs (

The Canelo Project - Natural Building (

Cordwood Construction

Adobe Construction

Ferro-Cement Construction

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