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Can I link to your site?

Sure! In fact, if you do, please let us know and we'll give you a link right back. No matter how small your site, unless it containts objectionable comment, we'll link to you on this page. Below you can some of our many friends who have already linked to us.



War of the Ring.Net Arms of Valour, Ltd The One Ring.Net
BetaRun.Net Collision Detection.Net
Folds.Net The Edward Website
Cornelia P. Amiri's Blog Chuck Smith's Journal

If you would like to have your link removed or updated at any time, just contact us!


How can I contribute? (Updated 1/5/05)

You can contribute to our project just by telling your friends about us, or giving us a link from your website or submitting our story to news websites. You can also contribute money directly, and Paypal is the easiest way for most of you who are online reading this. If you don't want to do it through paypal, then you can send a check to the address below. You might want to also email us at [email protected] and we can verify that we've gotten your check once it arrives. If Paypal is good for you, then click the spiffy little button below.

Mail checks payable to Rob Harrison to: Use the button for Paypal
Rob Harrison

PO Box 87

Chester, Md 21619








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